Bucks New University students Olivia Jones and Sophie Goater have launched a crowdfunding campaign after Brexit induced price hikes threaten their way of life.

Speculation about the effects of Brexit is nothing new and while there is very little certainty over how consumers may be affected, Marmite, PG Tips and Freddo bars have increased in price as a result of the 'Sterling Slump'.

When the students read Weetabix was raising its prices as the commodity price of wheat increased, the students launched a GoFundMe campaign, "Don't F*** Brekkie, BREXIT!" .

A way of life that is under threat?

They are demanding £64,235 for the residents of Bucks alone from those who voted Brexit, based on 1p inflation of Weetabix.

There campaign plea reads:

"Dear Brexitter,

"Due to highly foreseen circumstances, it has been brought to our attention that we will no longer be able to afford our beloved Weetabix for breakfast.

"As students we have very little money to be spending on breakfast. In an ideal world we would simply abandon it and gorge on a Greggs sausage and bean melt every morning. Due to the lack of student loan supporting us, we are unable to have our fantasies fulfilled.

Therefore, we are calling on you, despite our differences, to help us."

Olivia Jones and Sophie Goater, creative advertising students at Buckinghamshire New University set up the GoFundMe page

The second year students ended their plea by saying:

"By donating just 1p each you could help us continue our life-long love affair with our beloved Weetabix. This financial support could help us continue to be able to have the nutritious and delicious start to the day that we need."

The pair plan to take the campaign further, asking those who backed Brexit to pay for the lifestyle changes incurred by the remainers.

"It's a small thing we are asking for but it will go a long way to building bridges between the two sides" said Olivia.