Spaces UK, a company that rents out flexible and dynamic office spaces aimed at young, technology driven and entrepreneurial businesses is opening a brand new site in Marlow this May.

The office space in Globe Park, Marlow will offer private offices, co-working spaces and meeting rooms covering 1385 square metres.

Spaces also opened a site in Gerrards Cross in December 2016. The business began in Amsterdam in 2006 but it is rapidly expanding it's international presence.

The company has a presence in the Netherlands, USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Mexico and will soon be opening in India, France, Switzerland and Israel.

The company is owned by multinational office-space provider Regus, which has eight sites in Buckinghamshire .

They are intending to open office spaces in Glasgow and Liverpool, so we asked the UK CEO of Spaces why he was so keen to expand in Buckinghamshire.

"We're growing and that means we're always looking for towns and cities comprised of small, vibrant economies. Marlow is obviously well connected, and not far from London" said Richard.

"We believe there is real demand for this kind of space in Marlow, where local businesses can work socially, in the same space working on businesses that could be very diverse."

"Spaces has a distinct identity to Regus. We're really targeting entrepreneurial people working in creative and digital industries.

"Spaces gives members the opportunity to work alongside and meet fellow professionals who believe in the power of a collaborative approach to ideas generation and business growth.

"We have a really diverse group of different businesses working with us from freeleancers and small ones to companies like Uber, and GoPro."