National Insect Week ends today Sunday June 26.

Throughout the week the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has been asking people to take note of any sightings of the stag beetle in the Great Stag Hunt .

During the last count in 2014, just 87 sightings on this endangered species were registered for Buckinghamshire.

To further raise the profile of beetles, the PTES is working with MG Leonard, author of the best-selling children’s novel Beetle Boy.

The stag beetle is an endangered species

This heart-warming story follows the adventure of a young boy and his friend Baxter, who is in fact a beetle. Beetle Boy is the first part of The Beetle Trilogy, and was published in March 2016 by Chicken House.

Take a look at the video where MG Leonard learns about stag beetles from Laura Bower from the PTES.

The author said: "There isn’t any creature as delightfully varied and beneficial as the humble beetle, and the stag beetle is the most majestic beetle we have in the UK, so it’s vital we do all we can to protect its habitat.

"If you see a male stag beetle in flight, you should jump for joy at your great fortune and then, please, scurry to the PTES website and record the sighting."

Stag beetles are easily recognisable due to their huge mandibles, which resemble those of a male deer’s antlers.

They emerge from now until the end of the summer months, and do so in order to find a mate after up to seven years living underground as larvae, feeding on rotten wood.

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These beetles live in gardens, traditional orchards, woodland and parks and are most likely to be spotted flying on warm summer evenings.

Now you've learned about stag beetles, why not have a go at our insect quiz, just for fun.

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