Thames Water is expected to receive a record-breaking fine for polluting the River Thames with one billion litres of raw sewage.

The water company appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court today after four of its sewage treatment works - in Aylesbury, Didcot, Henley and Little Marlow - pumped unfiltered effluent into the river in 2013 and 2014.

Thames Water was due to be sentenced today (March 17) but Judge Sheridan said that, as there is a further indictment to consider, the sentencing can be expected on March 21.

During the mitigation stage of the trial, the Judge called Thames Water's failings "diabolical" and said "it's astonishing it was allowed to get as out of hand as it did".

That same day, on February 13, the water company admitted to "very high negligence" in court in relation to the failings at some of the sites.

Throughout the trial, Bucks residents and farmers attended the courtroom and expressed their anger that the water company had destroyed fishing businesses and left farmers will sick animals.

Hundreds of birds and fish died because of the pollution and, as a result, Judge Sheridan says Thames Water will pay a fine which will exceed the £1million fine they paid in 2016.