Take a look at the moment a Thames Valley Police officer was caught on camera taking a bite to eat behind the wheel, prompting one Twitter user to share the footage on social media.

We all know how dangerous it is to speak on a mobile phone whilst driving. Thames Valley Police have been keen for us to understand this too, Tweeting on May 29 that officers are continuing to target “drivers breaking the law using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel”.

So what about driving whilst eating a sandwich? One Twitter user made a surprising post in retaliation to Thames Valley Police's clear warning, when he posted a video which appears to show a Thames Valley officer doing exactly that.

The shocking footage clearly shows the officer sneaking a cheeky snack with one hand off the wheel whilst driving the Police van along the M40 between Beaconsfield and Wycombe.

In response to the video Thames Valley Police said: “It is not against the law to eat whilst driving. However, if a driver is presenting a significant danger or is not in proper control of the vehicle, they could be prosecuted for careless driving.”

The Police reminded the public that complaints of this sort should be directed to 101 for further investigation.