Budding firefighters at an Amersham-based school got a glimpse into the emergency services career last week.

Early Years pupils at St Mary's school, on School Lane, are studying occupations and were visited by Buckinghamshire firefighters.

Pupil from St Mary's trying on a helmet

The children learnt how to phone for a fire engine in an emergency and what to say to the 999 operators.

Dawn Lammin, of St Mary's school, said the event was a real success and it was a great opportunity for the children.

“It was a fantastic learning experience and the Early Years children enjoyed it all," she said.

Pupils at St Mary's, Amersham, in a fire engine

After the students learnt about phoning the emergency services, they went out to see a real fire engine, sat in the truck and tried on helmets.

Pupils with firemen for Buckinghamshire

Firefighters taught them about different parts of the truck and the pupils even had a chance to hold the truck's water hose.