Aspiring homeowners in the county will find it increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder, according to a property widget.

The widget, released by Manchester Evening News, suggests some locations in Buckinghamshire have houses which cost 16 times the average net household income.

Beaconsfield, which has some of the least affordable house prices in the county, has an average house price of £699,500 - which is 16 times the average net household income of £44,258.

The prices, according to the widget, only increase in Gerrards Cross; with the average household income at £50,223, the house prices are 17 times the average house at £870,000.

Chesham is considerably cheaper, with an average house price of £236,000 and a household income of £33,967 - with lenders typically offering 4.5 times income at most.

Similarly, Amersham is also more affordable, with house prices at £388,500 and the household income at £44,363 - however, this is still 9 times the average income.

Morgan Miller, 23, High Wycombe, is looking to become first time homeowner in the nearby area but says it's near impossible to find an affordable home.

She said: "The houses I've been looking in the local area have all exceeded my budget.

"For a first-time homeowner, it's almost impossible to get on the property ladder when you can rarely find an affordable home - one that can be bought on a relatively low income.

"People in my situation are forced to rent or move away from the county - and it's not hard to see why with the lack of affordable houses nearby."

With the county's house prices remaining high, million-pound homes are frequently bought; last year, 425 homes were sold at £1million or more, in mainly South Bucks and the Chilterns.

Of those 425 luxury homes, 56 of them cost the Buckinghamshire homeowners £2million or more - which is up from 51 in 2015.