A disabled mother from Beaconsfield was left shocked and upset yesterday after a verbal attack in Little Chalfont.

Sam, 35, suffers from cardiomyopathy, a heart disease, and multiple sclerosis – illnesses which can remain hidden but means Sam is sometimes left bed-bound for days.

After the Beaconsfield mother parked in a disabled space at Little Chalfont's Costa, she was approached by a woman who “shouted and screamed” in her face for doing so.

According to Sam, the verbal attack came from a carer with a woman in a wheelchair – who was distressed throughout the incident – and an on-looker had to intervene.

After the altercation Sam took to Facebook to express her anger - in a post which gained over 100 likes and received over 50 comments from people sharing similar experiences.

“Just because someone doesn't 'look disabled', doesn't mean that they're not,” Sam posted on the site, before it was removed by group admin this morning.

“Nobody knows every individual's life and what they go through on a daily basis – so please don't judge because we 'look okay', because you have no idea.

“Let's hope that one day you never end up like me, being judged by others for having an invisible disability.”

Sam, who showed her blue badge to the angered resident, was disappointed her original post was deleted as she said awareness needed to be raised about hidden disabilities.

Sam said: “The woman didn't understand what I go through on a day-to-day basis – I was so angry and upset by it all, I just got back into my car and burst into tears.

“It's disgusting how someone could do that, I was so intimidated by the whole thing.

“The fact that so many people commented on the Facebook post shows that awareness needs to be raised about disabilities which may be hidden.”