The Buckinghamshire family estate of Penn House is gearing up to host its third annual carting grand prix on Saturday, June 25.

The event's organiser, Adrian Stroud, said the idea came to him in 2013 when he noticed the estate's long, snaking driveway that continued along a constant downhill slope.

He said: "One of the old owners of the house, the fifth Earl Howe, was very interested in motor racing and had the corners of the driveway banked so he could race his Bugatti along it. It just looked like a perfect place to have an event of our own.

"In many ways what we do has all of the intricacies of conventional racing, but without an engine."

Despite carting being a popular spectator sport, Adrian said that the Penn House Grand Prix attracts a rather different contender to those of larger competitions.

“There are probably 20 or 30 people in the country who are interested in this as a sport, rather than a spectacle.

“The events range from something like a village fête, to something organised by Goodwood – so it varies a great deal.”

Now Adrian and fellow enthusiasts are making preparations for another year of carting fun, as many are finalising their bespoke carts and bikes.

Those wishing to enter the competition can do so by visiting the organisation website. The entry fee for carts is £35 and £20 for bikes.