A list of London's best commuter towns has just been released and, once again, Buckinghamshire has been putting other counties to shame.

London's Best Commuter Towns 2017, produced by Total Money, ranks 89 of the region's prime commuting locations and five Bucks towns feature on this year's list.

Amersham, who was recently crowned London's most desirable commuter town by CBRE's Desirability Index, ranks highly in 19th place.

Amersham ranked highly once again on the list of top commuting locations

Other Bucks towns to rank were High Wycombe, which ranked 18th, Gerrards Cross, which was 31st, Beaconsfield, which was 56th and Princes Risborough, which came 59th.

A spokesperson for Total Money said: “The annual analysis takes into consideration not only house price but also journey time, the cost of commuting and life satisfaction.”

Amersham residents, according to the research, spends roughly 32 minutes commuting – which will cost an average of £3428 a year; life satisfaction is 7.98 out of 10 and the average house price is £701,869.

In comparison, High Wycombe residents will spend 30 minutes commuting, which will cost $4,256. Life satisfaction is 7.77 and houses cost £410,979.

Towns with higher house prices were ranked lower on the list and some Bucks towns were affected; on average, residents will pay £958,745 in Gerrards Cross and £1,113,254 in Beaconsfield so they ranked lower.

Ranking in the top 10 were two Berkshire towns – Maidenhead (6th) and Slough (9th) – and first place went to Swanley, who has an average house price of around £350,000 and has life satisfaction of 8.15.

Other towns surrounding Buckinghamshire to be included include Berkhamsted and Tring, who placed 73rd and 82nd.

Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications at TotallyMoney.com, said of the research: “Like so many decisions in life, finding the perfect place you can call home is about balancing what Is important to you.

“Our research has found that more affordable housing and a greater overall satisfaction with life is a powerful draw for people looking to get out of London.

“So, if you're willing to spend a little longer on the train on your morning commute, you might find that your ideal location lies outside the M25 in one of the table-topping towns.”

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