New parking regulations in an Amersham car park have left angered Bucks residents facing £100 fines.

ParkingEye, a company who describe themselves as 'specialists in creative parking solutions', have enforced new parking rules at the car park on Woodside Road and have changed it from 30-minutes free to permit-only parking.

Confused residents took to social media after receiving fines after parking for 30 minutes in the car park– which, according to residents, does not have easily seen signs.

One Amersham resident, Nicola Tilling, uses the car park each week but is now expecting three fines from ParkingEye after using it without noticing the changes.

“It just comes across as a money-making exercise,” Nicola said.

“They are preying on residents who use this car park to use local shops without using the meter for the free 30 minutes and are falling into the trap of not 'complying' with the small print dotted around the area.

“There's no call to action – like 'have you paid and displayed?' or 'permit only car park' in the main park area and the sign at the entrance is dominated by a large parking sign.

“This will definitely affect local businesses – I've already started to think I won't go to the local market on Tuesday, I'll go to a different shop and get my things there instead.”

Nicola and another resident have raised the matter with Chesham and Amersham's MP, Cheryl Gillan, and the matter is reportedly being discussed in a local council meeting soon.

ParkingEye, who deals with the management of the car park, said that their client Sorbon House made the changes and are responsible for the notifications.

A spokesperson for Sorbon Estates said: “The car park is privately owned by Sorbon Estates to provide parking for St Michael's Court permit holders and Sycamore House tenants.

“Sometimes we make parking spaces available for public use during periods when Sycamore House is unoccupied. The office space has now been let which means the car park is at full capacity. Some weekend pay and display parking will still be available to the public from 8pm on Fridays to 6am on Mondays.

“We hope to continue to make parking available to the public at our sites where it is not required by occupiers but the nature of such arrangements does mean that the status of car parks can change at short notice. We would encourage members of the public to check before parking their cars.”

ParkingEye and Sorbon Estates also said they will look into parking fines received by residents which were received before the notification was put up.