For the fourth year running, the Buckinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes held their science-themed event to celebrate science week.

Investigation and Discovery Day, held on March 7, saw a number of guest speakers inspiring and educating women in the county.

The speakers were Giles Yeo, from BBC2's Horizon, Science Presenter and Comedian Helen Arney, Assistant Professor Adam Jucharski and Dr Denise Smythe-Wright.

Giles Yeo, from BBC2's Horizons

Giles Yeo spoke to the audience, at Oculus in Aylesbury, about the relationship between genetics and obesity and Adam Jucharski spoke about the dynamics of emerging diseases.

According to the Bucks Federation, their annual sell-out event always “reflects the diversity of the WI organisation and the variety of interests that a WI member has”.

Tricia Peacock, of Ashley Green W, said the event was a fantastic experience for everyone.

She said: “This was the first time that I had attended one of these occasions and was incredibly impressed with the choice of speakers.

“What wonderfully stimulating and interesting topics each of the speakers challenged us with, I came away with my head buzzing.

“Just hope I’m one of the lucky members to get a ticket next year. We decided that we’d have done much better in our maths at school if we’d had Adam to teach us!”

Stalls at this year's event

The six-hour event, organised by the Education and Current Affairs Sub-Committee of Bucks Federation, saw Denise Smythe-Wright sharing her oceanographer's view.

The Oceanographer spoke about climate change and is also a national WI trainer.

Denise Smythe-Wright

Deborah Sanders, of Beaconsfield WI, also said this year's event was unforgettable.

She said: “It was just the best day. The science we need to know told in an understandable way.”

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